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15+ People Who Had A Dream And Went For It

Ryan Ford 20 Jan 2021

Everybody needs to have a little passion project to throw themselves into from time to time. It's good for both mind and spirit, I believe, to express yourself creatively. But sometimes those projects come from dreams that are just a bit off-kilter.

You know how dreams go, where you can take a hot dog off the barbecue and talk into it like a phone and someone will actually be on the other end.

Well, some folks actually dared to bring those weird dreams to life with their passion projects — check out their work for yourself below!

1. You have to admit, it's unique.

Reddit | Kerobus

I guess if you want to make your ride stick out in a parking lot, there are worse ways to do it than a custom hood ornament.

And hey, this angry, cigar-chomping duck definitely isn't about to be confused for anybody else's hood ornament.

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2. Not a fan.

Reddit | BlueFungus66

But someone did feel compelled to make — you guessed it — a fan club for themselves. Apparently those fans even work, for what that's worth.

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3. What a slice.

Reddit | whathowyy

There are plenty of creative bookends out there. They tend to either work with literary or pop cultural themes — or just because they have to be heavy — they are just kind of big and imposing.

So, a real slice of watermelon encased in resin is not something I saw coming.

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4. The ol' switcheroo.

Reddit | Nybblet

Hands up, how many used wooden planks supported by bricks for a bookcase when you were in college?

Well, someone decided to turn that on its ear and make a "brickcase" supported by books.

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5. Strap yourself in for this.

Reddit | goobermike

If you were trying to make a chair that's the exact opposite of comfortable, weaving belts — with their buckles nice and prominent — into the seating and headrest would be a great start.

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6. I'll stick with Bic, thanks.

Reddit | AbelNB

I will say this: I would never, ever have thought to make my own pens by encasing dog nail trimmings in resin. It's just...something that wouldn't have occurred to me in my lifetime.

To each their own, I suppose.

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7. Not lovin' it.

Reddit | airborneANDrowdy

You know, I get it. There's just nothing else quite like a good barbecue.

I'm not convinced that a shopping cart qualifies as good barbecue — and in fact I wouldn't eat anything off it myself — but I understand the impulse that leads someone to try all the same.

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8. Committed to the piece.

Reddit | grove4lyf

You know you're passionate about gardening when you do your nails up not just with flowers, but with the dirt they grow in.

Sure, it's a testament to the cycle of growth, and all the positive things that come with that — but it's also dirt. So, not the sort of manicure that you have to worry about anybody else at the party sporting.

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9. Nightmare fuel.

Reddit | catharsis_owl

I mean, this is the kind of bowl that will put the Rice Krispies elves into therapy. It didn't have to be like that.

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10. Big wheel keep on turning.

Reddit | CasualMetalHead

Why should kids have all the fun? Why not weld a school chair's seat to a bike frame and hook a motor up to it?

"She went well for the first 5-6 miles," the uploader wrote. So hey, might actually be a fun project.

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11. Do you want to build a....what now?

Reddit | sebastian_rhodes

Anybody can build a snowman. A snow iguana, on the other hand, will clearly get strangers to take pictures of it when the see it across the street because you can't just build a small one.

It's got to be huge.

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12. That takes me back.

Reddit | Agent117184

I do believe that a lampshade made from old audio cassettes could be cool. However, I'm pretty sure that there has to be a better way of putting it all together than zip ties.

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13. Opportunity knocks.

Reddit | TheInnerMachination

When someone found the "perfect tortilla chip," they knew they had to act and turned it into a tiny taco.

And it is the perfect little taco, just the sort of amuse-bouche I'd serve at a low-budget, high-class get-together.

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14. Do you lick 'em for luck?

Reddit | Viktorfalth

These are what they look like: gaming dice made from broccoli and cheddar soup. I don't know how you even make such things, but someone pulled it off.

What do we think, is this a critical hit or a fumble?

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15. Waste not.

Reddit | reesehoganart

Someone out there did the research for us, folks. If we save up the little wax covering from Babybel cheeses, we can make functioning candles out of them.

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16. Pray they don't alter it further.

Reddit | Michael3141592

Yes, someone mashed up Thomas the Tank Engine with a TIE fighter, as one does. Like, a lot of work went into it, and there's something compelling about it.

I think it would be more terrifying to see this coming at your X-wing than a traditional TIE, don't you?

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17. I do see it.

Reddit | tentoesandcounting

Someone tried to make Ron Weasley out of peas — which I guess makes it Ron Peasley? — and it actually turned out fairly well.

I mean, from a distance, it's not a half-bad likeness, considering it's made from a side dish everyone gives up on after they move out on their own.

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18. Share the wealth.

Reddit | Ookie_Chow

I love little free libraries. They're a great way to help a community bond, kind of like those "have a penny, leave a penny; need a penny, take a penny" trays but for literature.

But a neighborhood's Hot Wheels needs went completely overlooked until someone thought to make a little free library for them. What a hero.

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19. That's...educational?

Reddit | HorrorThis

It makes sense to paint a urinary tract onto stained glass in only one case, and at least that's where this was found: at a urologist's office.

Even then, it's still a pretty bizarre thing.

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20. Dreaming big.

Reddit | EV1LBA

I mean, lots of people want to have their own race cars one day, but we can't all start out with a Formula One car in our garage, right?

So, I like to think of this as aspirational rather than completely delusional.

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