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15+ People Who Let Their Creativity Take Them To Weird Places

Ryan Ford 13 Jan 2021

A fertile mind often comes up with new and interesting ways of solving problems, but sometimes without a problem at hand to tackle, it'll just come up with...something.

Whether what it comes up with is worth following through on might be questionable, but that doesn't stop some folks. Consider, for example, the creators responsible for the work below. You can't say they're not creative!

1. This guy fashioned himself a sweet new axe out of an old cast iron frying pan.

Reddit | the_last_pretzel

Personally, I'm waiting for someone to make a Fender out of a real fender but I guess this is a good start. The guy can legit play some heavy metal now, if nothing else.

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2. Party animal.

Reddit | BlackSwede27

When you think about how old the image of a guy at a party wearing a lampshade on his head is, it actually took a long time for someone to come up with this decor item.

And it's much more nightmare-inducing than that party animal is.

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3. The difference between a fan and a fanatic.

Reddit | trulseruls

I mean, I like a hearty baked bean lunch as much as the next person — despite how much my lady bemoans it a few hours later — but this is next level.

Unless Heinz actually paid for this kind of promotion — and I'm not sure why they would — who would do this but the most avid devotee?

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4. Honestly, well done.

Reddit | childishchorizo

I can make literally zero things out of stained glass so I respect the talent it takes to make a pair of baloney sandwiches into sun-catchers.

Man, folks really dig their lunches.

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5. Can't beat the classics.

Reddit | Mister_Man_Guy

Yes, this guy is wearing a scale model of the Chrysler building on top of his bicycle helmet.

Apparently, it was part of a Halloween costume, which...still doesn't answer many questions. Like, doesn't it kind of ruin the helmet for safety?

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6. Thanks for the warning?

Reddit | tacoweevils

Super clever of whoever made that troll to put it up in a tree rather than underneath the bridge, where everyone would expect it to be. It's a pretty grand troll troll, when you think about it.

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7. Have to think that's a unique talent.

Reddit | henrymyers

"I paint with my mustache for charity," this guy explained. It's a Movember thing, which is absolutely cool and different, and I honestly hope he makes the charity buckets of cash. Credit to that creativity!

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8. The never-ending sadness.

Reddit | british_boondog

There are so many, many other ways to pay tribute to that childhood classic, The Neverending Story, than to re-create one of the saddest, most PTSD-inducing scenes in your potted plants.

It's like making a bearskin rug, but it's Falcor.

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9. When tea time is high noon.

Twitter | @thegallowboob

I'm sure there's a suitably goofy literary reference I'm missing here, and now I'm curious. Why else would anybody keep their teacup in a holster? Why else would there be an entire Etsy category for them?

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10. Have a seat.

Reddit | mRmyster76

Its remarkable how many segments of the denim covering this couch come specifically from the butts of jeans.

Pretty sure there are only two or three panels from jean fronts, as far as I can tell. So you're mostly going to be putting your butt on butts.

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11. Variations on a theme.

Reddit | PMmeYOURcombos

Where that jean couch is more utilitarian, this chair has ambitions. You can tell it wants to be more artistic because of how much care was put into the placement of the jean panels.

That crotch is perfectly centered.

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12. Well, that's different.

Reddit | L00kAtAss

You know what? This is adorable. I don't even know where you'd get tiny straw hats like these, let alone think to put them on your cactus. But it works!

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13. A model relationship.

Reddit | GreetingsFromAP

We can all agree that there would be worse things to commemorate from the Shrek movies than the often troubled but ultimately uplifting friendship between the ogre and Donkey.

It's just that most of us wouldn't carve that from a giant chuck of wood and display it on our lawn.

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14. How unusual.

Reddit | skullcarving

Somebody decided to make their pet hamster a little habitat to run around in and they styled it after a pueblo.

It's definitely adorable — and it has the bonus of being unique — because you have to think that there aren't many other hamsters that get to roam their own pueblos.

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15. One stop cup.

Reddit | nextjesus

I guess if you already have a holster for your teacup, why shouldn't your cup also have a holster for your teabag?

I would worry that this would get messy but then, I'm not much of a tea drinker, so maybe it would be fine.

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16. That's commitment to recycling.

Reddit | disco1978

"I made a sweater out of dryer fluff," this guy wrote. As one does, naturally.

I don't think it's about to find a spot on the shelves at TJ Maxx or anything, but I also don't think that was the point.

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17. "A hotdog my friend encased in glass roughly 9 years ago."

Reddit | GlassInTheWild

Um, what now? You know, I get that it's encased in glass and not exposed to air, but I still find it suspect that that hot dog is in such good condition after nine years.

And yeah, I know hot dogs are full of strange materials but even so, that's disturbing.

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18. Artists are going to make art.

Reddit | nixass

It's what they do! So, some sculptor went ahead and formed this classic bust out of snow in the street — just kind of at random — and left it there.

What a cool touch for the neighborhood, even if it's fleeting.

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19. So wholesome.

Reddit | texsurfin

I'm kind of amazed that I've never seen anybody make a snow father and snow child in a snow canoe before.

For all the creativity people show with their snow creations, this is a first for me. And it's fantastic.

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20. But will it fly?

Reddit | EazyNFresh

I guess if your goal is to make the freshest tasting paper airplane in the world, not the one that flies the farthest or goes the fastest or something like that, it would make sense to make it out of Listerine strips.

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