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Whipped Coffee Martinis Are The Latest Boozy Take On The Viral Trend

By now, you've probably heard of "whipped coffee," and maybe you've given it a try yourself, too! People have really gotten creative with the recipe, too, whipping up whipped strawberry milk, and of course, topping it over top some booze like Baileys.

There's a new boozy twist on the viral trend, and it will make you feel kind of fancy.

Behold: whipped coffee martinis.

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I've never been one for martinis, but this would definitely get me to give them another chance!

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It looks like you spent hours making it, but it's actually a pretty simple recipe.

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It's just the regular-degular whipped coffee recipe poured over Baileys and vodka.

Consider it like the cappuccino of whipped coffee cocktails.

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I'm sure everyone has their own way to make it, but here's a writeup to save to your phone by Instagrammer @hphalfdrunk.

Will you be giving a whipped coffee martini a try? Let us know!

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