I often struggle to find anything worthwhile at the thrift shop. I guess I just don't have the correct creative skills to see a chic denim jumpsuit in a giant oversized dress. The racks of clothing just seem like sifting through the mud for that bit of gold that may or may not actually be there. 

Sarah Tyau has the right mindset, though — and as I scroll through her collection of refashioned thrift clothes, I grow more and more jealous of her skills and creativity. 


Sarah shares her projects via her blog and YouTube channel.

In many of her videos, she shares her latest thrifty finds and has her audience vote on which ones she'll refashion first.  
Instagram | @sarahtyau

This transformation is incredible. 

I adore the bright, happy yellow. 

Not every refashioned look requires a big overhaul, either. 

This dress was a cute color, but pretty boring. Sarah simply added some lace to make it chic!
Instagram | @sarahtyau

Even an over-the-top vintage wedding dress becomes fashionable in Sarah's hands.

She even made a cute headband from the leftover lace. 

See some of her children's new outfits on the next page!