Who loves the dollar store? Oh, the bargains and the deals one can get at the dollar store. It is simply magical...okay, maybe "magical" is a stretch, but the dollar store is still phenomenal. It is a crafter's paradise. One of the things that the dollar store is best for is cheap and easy DIYs. So before you head out to the greatest store on earth, take a look at the list and then make a list of your own — a shopping list, that is. 

Yay for dollar store DIYs!! Let's dig right in! 


1. Purchase a couple of plastic kids' toys from the dollar store and turn them into bookends. 

2. Or this amazing dollar store DIY using a toy dinosaur. Besides this being a super easy DIY, it is also amazing! 

I mean, who wouldn't want to be served Oreos by this thing?


3. Add artificial flowers from the dollar store to the tops of pushpins to jazz up your bulletin board. 

Ooooh, so pretty! 

Anyone else get as excited as me over the dollar store? 

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