Have a way to make my life any easier as a parent? I'll take it. Hand it over. At this point, I'm willing to take any advice I can get. Also as a parent, I'm looking to spend about 0 dollars. I know I'm severely limiting what I can do by offering to pay nothing, but there are a surprising number of cheap genius hacks out there to help out your parenting game. 
Here are 22 parenting hacks that cost almost nothing to take advantage of. I've already used a few of these in my own life already and they've saved me a good amount of cash. See #8 and you'll know what I'm talking about. 

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1. Kids can be a handful sometimes, and they definitely wouldn't admit it.

Let's get an upper hand on the rugrats with these hacks. 

2. Put a popsicle stick into the top of your kid's yogurt and put it in the freezer.

ViralSprint - Annily Green

Bam, your kids have an "ice cream" pop. 


3. Keep those pacifiers clean in your pocket, or at the bottom of your bag, by putting them in condiment containers. 

4. Instead of cutting yourself repeatedly with a regular knife, use a pizza cutter to quickly cut food into tiny bits for that baby learning to eat solids.