Coyote Ugly captured the hearts of moviegoers everywhere back in 2000 with its unique storyline and musical performances. It quickly became an instant classic. Fans of the film fell in love with each charming character that found their way into that hopping New York bar. It might surprise you to see how much the young cast has changed over the years. So how do they look now? Only one way to find out...


1. Bridget Moynahan - THEN

Bridget played Rachel, the striking barkeep with a chip on her shoulder.

2. Bridget Moynahan - NOW

Behind a bar or on the red carpet, Bridget never ceases to amaze at any age. I wonder if the rest of the cast can say the same...


3. Adam Garcia - THEN

Coyote Ugly was one of Adam's first major roles. He played Violet's love interest, Kevin.

4. Who wouldn't want to play Violet's love interest? What an amazing breakout role.

I wonder what he looks like now?