24 Kitchen Hacks For Every Family

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Entering my kitchen has become something of a nightmare. From the cluttered pantry to nicking my finger when peeling vegetables, I struggle in the kitchen. The list below helped me navigate around my nightmare, save my fingers, and even create some simple, tasty treats.

Enjoy and let us know what some of your favorite kitchen hacks are.

1. Peeling done easy

Lifehack | Lifehack

The awkward shape of ginger makes it harder to peel with a knife. Try using a spoon instead! #saveyourfingers

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2. Saving those avocados

WonderHowTo | WonderHowTo

Say no to brown avocados. The next time you have leftover avocado, try pairing it with an onion. It will slow down the browning process.

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3. Slowing down that banana from ripening

Lifehacker | Lifehacker

Keeping those bananas from getting overripe has been a personal mission of mine for as long as I can remember! There is a simple solution: separate them to slow down the ripening process.

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4. Stopping the tears that come with onions 

Lifehacker | Lifehacker

I don't know about you but cutting onions has literally made me cry every time. Next time, try cutting an onion under your kitchen vent. The vent will redirect all those gasses that make you tear up.

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5. Stopping a pot from overflowing 

Reddit | slokotkov

Don't you just hate it when that water spills all over your stove when you're boiling pasta? Try putting a wooden spoon across your pot next time.

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6. Peeling boiled eggs


Peeling eggs can be annoying. Next time, put the boiled egg in a quarter glass of water, cover with your other hand and shake over a sink. Make sure the egg hits the sides of the glass. Pull out the egg, rinse it, and enjoy.

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7. Keeping those potatoes pretty

redbook | redbook

Old potatoes take on a Frankenstein-ish look. Keep them pretty by putting an apple among your potatoes and it will keep them from sprouting and shriveling.

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8. Easy and fun tacos for the kids

Imgur | ifiwonthelottery

Get all your taco ingredients ready and just pop them into a Fritos or Doritos bag. Fewer dishes, more fun.

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9. Saving that leftover coffee 

Kitchen Treaty | Kitchen Treaty

Freezing that leftover morning coffee in an ice tray will give you an easy, creamy iced coffee treat!

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10. Properly cleaning that wooden cutting board

Erika Tracy | Kitchn

All you need is half a lemon (can be mostly squeezed) and coarse salt. Sprinkle salt on the wooden board, squeeze and scrub the board with the lemon, and wash away with warm water. Good as new.

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11. Nutella cake

WonderHowTo | WonderHowTo

Next time, instead of scraping away at that Nutella jar, just add your favorite cake batter into the jar, heat in the microwave for 45 seconds, and you'll be in for a treat!

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12. Using floss instead of a knife

amazonaws | WonderHowTo

Cutting a cake with a knife can be messy. Try using unflavoured floss, unless of course you enjoy a bit of mint with your chocolate. The floss will give you a more even and less messy cut.

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13. Preparing an easy after school yogurt treat

Listotic | Listotic

Just slide Popsicle sticks into a yogurt container, pop it in the freezer, and you have a little after school treat for the kids – or yourself!

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14. Cutting cherry tomatoes 

Christine Han | Kitchn

I love cherry tomatoes, but don't like cutting them. A great way to cut them is to sandwich them between two identical lids and use a serrated knife to cut them in half. #saveyourfingers

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15. Cleaning a sponge

Lifehack | Lifehack

Instead of running that sponge under hot water, try using a binder clip to keep your sponge upright. It will prevent it from sitting in water and help it dry faster.

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16. Softening butter in no time

Smart School House | Smart School House

I don't know about you, but whenever I go to make something that requires softened butter, I never have any. I keep butter in the fridge and freezer, so when it comes time to bake, I find myself in a pickle. If you have run into this problem before, try this hack in the future!

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17. Saving fresh herbs for later

Kitchn | Kitchn

I love using fresh herbs when I cook, but most of them usually go bad before I have a chance to work through an entire bunch. To avoid wasting perfectly good herbs, preserve them in oil-filled ice cube trays. This method reduces browning as well as freezer burn.

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18. Preventing batter splatter

Better Homes And Gardens | Better Homes And Gardens

If you hate making a mess in the kitchen, give this simple trick a go!

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19. Cooking eggs in water

Chez Sabine | Chez Sabine

Skip that oil and cook your eggs in water instead. Start off by boiling about two inches of water in a pan, then drop in your eggs and cook for about a minute. You're off to a healthy morning breakfast!

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20. Growing your own herbs with ease

Domestically Speaking | Domestically Speaking

Add some greenery to your kitchen and enhance the flavours of your favorite dishes by growing your own herbs. A great way to keep them off your countertop and expose them to the perfect amount of sunlight is to hang them from the sides of the cupboards above your sink.

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21. Taking your waffles to the next level

Pillsbury | Pillsbury

Cinnamon rolls + waffle iron = breakfast perfection!

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22. Cooking pizza efficiently

1000 Life Hacks | 1000 Life Hacks

I seriously wonder why I have never thought to do this before...

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23. Making powdered sugar 

Thipphawan Sugar | Thipphawan Sugar

Did you know you can make your own powdered sugar when you're in a pinch? Simply throw some regular sugar in a spice grinder!

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24. Keeping greens fresh

Instagram | @platetoperformance

Place some paper towel in the container holding your greens to absorb the moisture. This will keep everything crisp for a longer period of time.

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